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charles bernsteinWelcome to my website!

I hope you will find it enjoyable and easy to browse.

The website now provides an opportunity to hear some of my film music or watch a short video clip of one of my recording sessions. We have added a photo gallery and links to sites where you can find CDs and DVDs featuring my music. And now you may buy one of my books directly from this site.

Thanks for visiting!


June 2014


Currently writing the theme music for Hollywood Masters, a TV interview series featuring Judd Apatow, David O. Russell and other Hollywood masters in discussion.

Charles Bernstein conducting performance of Pharell Williams' "Happy" from "Despicable Me 2." Click Here ...also conducting a rehearsal of Dvorak Symphomy excerpt for Samsung. Click Here.

Charles was music director for the 2014 SAMSUNG 4k HDTV CES release... and is currently writing music for a feature film project with award winning Canadian director Julian Pinder. 

August 2013

Charles & Quincy Jones - January 2013

And check out Charles Bernstein's music in Quentin Tarantino's Oscar winning "Inglorious Basterds."

Quentin Tarantino & Bernstein at Governor's Awards Dinner

January 2013

 2013 UPDATE:

Charles Bernstein's fun Flamenco/techno score and songs from "CHARLOTTA-TS" (a web-series/feature film by "CUJO" director Lewis Teague) is now available on iTunes, and find his classic vampire comedy score from "LOVE AT FIRST BITE" now at Intrada Records

NEW CLASSICAL PIECE: "Pianos in Different Rooms" by Charles Bernstein on iTunes.

The composer has completed scoring a feature documentary "The Quiet Power of Ed Edelman," narrated by Tom Brokaw.

July 2012


Some recent Charles Bernstein interviews: on ArtsMania Blog; at; Morricone Youth Radio Interview. And for a LIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW, at "Charlotta-TS" website.

January 2012


Director Lewis Teague with star Laura Bayones and composer Charles Bernstein at preview of new feature film "Charlotta-TS" in Westwood Septemper 14th. The film features score and songs by Charles Bernstein.

January 2011

SPRING '11 SCORING UPDATE: Charles Bernstein has completed the score and two songs for "To Beauty," directed by Jess Zakira Wise. Shot by legendary cinematographer Dean Cundey ("Jurassic Park," "Apollo 13"), the live action short film and was inspired by images of German Expressionist painter, Otto Dix.  Other upcoming projects include "The Anita Hill Story" for Oscar winning director Frieda Lee Mock.

NEW AWARD!  "Darwin's Darkest Hour" with music by Charles Bernstein has won the 2010 CINE GOLDEN EAGLE AWARD for Best Drama. Also, Mr. Bernstein spoke as a guest at the American Cinematique's recent special screening of the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street," which he scored for director Wes Craven.


 QUICK NEWS BITS:   You can read Randall Larson's recent interview with Charles Bernstein HERE. ALSO... Bernstein rated #12 in the "TOP 100 SCARIEST FILM SCORES" by Xm Radio on Cinemagic for the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street." 

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